Welcome to EPIC Luxury! We provide our customers with a VIP lifestyle during your stay in glamorous Miami Beach. Everything is within reach when you choose EPIC Luxury. We offer a variety of services that compliment the luxurious nature of our clients. EPIC Luxury will work to ensure your desires are met through VIP treatments, spa reservations, world class restaurants, as well as, nightclub reservations.

We would not expect you to arrive at any of those locations, or any location for that matter, without an "EPIC" car that fits you and your style. If a car isn't what you have in mind you can also rent a yacht, one in which you can enjoy the sun rays and beautiful ocean of Miami in. Have nowhere to stay? Don't forget, EPIC Luxury also offers mansion rentals; we will make sure you feel right at home. Experience the elegance of Miami Beach without worrying about the little details. Let us take care of you.

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Call us at 1.888.750.EPIC or fill out our contact form for reservations and pricing information.